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Thinking about time still, but in trying to know when it is time to give
How long do you hang onto an idea, a note, and try to coax it
into becoming something

Sometimes I do it for too long
I like one idea, or a particular chord or phrase
And I can’t let it go

But sometimes I don’t think it wants to be anything

There is nothing to share today

November 15, 2020

Tempo 50

Slower Still

Finding the singular time of each touch

But not independent
They take from each other, weigh each other down
Or give to the other or to the space in between
Force the space in between

Trying to hear the push and pull of time
and how it starts finding balance in the unevenness

October 28, 2020

Tempo at 56

My last measured heartrate

immediate reaction to fill/feel the slowness with compexity
but couldn’t listen to anything complicated for too long

just steady with C, E, A, left E, B

October 20, 2020

E Flat

Monday’s E flat. Duality. Between the Power of Solar Plexus and Sex of Sacral (v dom)
Wherein, are we moving from binary to duality?

At first, rhythm and undirected intent 
The sound of digging
sound of someone trying to find something

(I can also hear J watering the front yard adding white noise) 

Trying again 
Learning to slow down,
Not think about playing but letting the notes and hands wander
Findng pace.
I don’t know whose pace it is. 
Stop thinking about it I guess.

October 19, 2020

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